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                                              Rapper / Entrepreneur 

 Born and raised on the westside of  Chicago, Il  in one of the toughest community projects know as Herny Horners, Shorty 4 earned his title as "The King of the Midwest"; while building his street cred.

As a HipHop independent recoding artist Shorty has awalys been a natural born poet since a kid. He knew how to use his lyrical skills to express and relate to others in the hard core street of  Chicago and through other "hoods"  in other cities and states.

Shorty 4 decided to take his lyrics more seriously, and helped formed a group called the Street Kingz founded in Minneapolis MN.  Not too long after that Shorty decided to take part in creating his own Record Label which is Known as PROJECT HUSTLE ENT.

After starting his own record label he than focused on creating something  that the people can understand  through out the midwest called  "TRAPP CITY". Which relates to his  rap reality "TRAPP MUSIC" which has earned him an exculsive  distribution deal with Empire.

Shorty 4 is one of  those that the Chicago streets look forward to hearing from,Shorty 4 lyrics has always sent a message to the street thugs that has no way out ; However, Shorty express there is a way and there  is hope.

Currently, with his hot new single out Bag Up Them Groceries feat: Fetty Wap

which is trending along with his TRAPP CITY single which is the hottest Chicago anthem currently with everything thats  going on. 

 TRAPP CITY  will offically drop on August 1, 2016.  Right now it  is available for sale. The hustle doesn't stop there; he also have a  Project Hustle And Trapp City clothing line. 

Along with that he also, has  his hand in a little part of the bead  industry He has invented  a bead product called  Alpha Numeric Beads. You can find this bead product in urban beauty supply stores through-out the U.S.


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